Pizza Hut | Strovolos, Cyprus

Pizza Hut | Strovolos, Cyprus

A completely renovated Pizza Hut is now welcoming it's visitors at Strovolos, Nicosia. The idea was to create a more friendly and welcoming environment for people to enjoy their meals with family and friends. Pissis was of course a huge factor in creating this whole new atmosphere since we were the ones to produce and install signage and almost all furnishing pieces. The production and installation included: Entrance Arch with Pizza Hut 3D LED Logo, HPL Fascia with LED Canopy, Wingstreet LED Logo double sided, Playground 3D Hanging LED Logo, Seating Area Booths, Round & Square Tables, Balustrade Walls, Divider Walls, Seating Chairs for adults & custom made for kids, Service Station, Host Stand, Salad Bar, Metal decorating Stand, Glass Wall, WC wooden Doors and many more.

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